Taha Care

Luxurious Leather
Leather is a classic organic material. It is durable chic and stylish. If you take good care of your leather shoes they should last you a long time. Like most things, you need to show your leather some love and care.
We suggest using a good quality waterproof spray on your leather. It is advised that leather should be stored away from humidity and any other sources of heat.
To clean, the product should be gently wiped with a soft, damp cloth and dried immediately away from direct heat. Also reapplication of a good quality waterproof is essential.Make sure you pop your shoes back into our super convenient calico shoe bag.

Glitter and sparkle
For your beautiful, sparkly fun flats you will need to ensure some special TLC. The glitter does tend to cling to different materials, make sure to keep your sparkles in a plastic bag then slip them into their Taha bag.

Tip: before you wear your shoes for the first time, give them a good spray with strong hold hairspray ! Once the spray has thoroughly dried, add another layer or two. This will help keep your beautiful sparkles attached to the shoe.
Cleaning gently wipe down the shoes with a clean, soft cloth to dislodge any dirt. 


Raffia is a natural fibre, colours may soften over time. Use a small about of water to spot clean when needed. Do not use chemical cleaners as this may stain or damage the raffia and cause discolouration. Please be aware that potential and natural variations are a characteristic of the raffia fibre.