Made in Menorca


The Menorcan avarca is one of the most beloved footwear styles, this is why Taha Australia aligns itself with a superior family run manufacturer on the Island of Menorca, Spain.

They say that hands are the tools of the soul, that’s why we love our Menorcan sandals, they are ethically produced by hand, taking great care of every detail, infusing them with the rich Mediterranean essence.

The quality and excellent craftsmanship of both the rustic Avarcas and our special collection combined with the seal of guarantee of our Menorcan avarcas ensures you are buying a quality product.

Our sandals hold the guarantee seal “Avarca de Menorca”. A badge that manifests and guarantees the geographical origin of the footwear and that adheres to four minimum requirements that make up the authentic Menorca shoes:

This practical yet fun leather sandal is built to last with super smooth Italian leather to cradle your feet in outstanding breathable luxury.Taha Australia continues to maintain its loyalty to its shoemaker tradition.

Processes and procedures require more than just complying with a regulation, the production of this sandal demands heart and maximum craftsmanship. This artisan design surpasses trend, It’s a quintessential Mediterranean sandal.

Taha Australia has a collection of lifestyle sandals from Menorca, they reveal your love for fun and sustainability, whenever you wear your genuine avarca you will feel the island spirit.